google-site-verification: google29bfc4c332eb1241.html Original, handmade, hand painted ceramics by a ceramic artist Pelin Hanley, based in Bristol. Ceramic jewellery.

A Day in My Studio

I have recently become an Artist in Residence in one of the fantastic secondary schools in Bristol. ​​​​

I have a new studio space there where I share it with another Artist in Residence. She is a painter.

My studio is large enough to house everything related to ceramics.

I do workshops each school term, and in a way it takes me back to teaching which I love!

Pictured here is my first workshop. Inspired by broken down electronic gadgets, the students are creating designs and shapes using clay. They will then be glazed and fired.

When I am not holding workshops, I am mostly in my studio, designing new pieces and experimenting with new glazes, and different types of clay.

​I am always amazed how time goes by when I am there!

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